Eales Disease

“…an elusive cause of blindness in young, otherwise healthy individuals…”

“… associated with immunologic phenomena whose mechanisms remain unknown…”

“…several treatments have been proposed… none of these treatments is of proven benefit…”

“…no drugs have been found to be effective… “

These are just a few random sentences from medical literature about Eales Disease (ED).  Having to deal with it myself, I find it frustrating that in spite of enormous amounts of medical research on the eye in general, or on various specific aspects of ED in particular, there is, I think, little hope for any immediate breakthrough, and not much amassed information focusing specifically on ED is easily available for the common person.  This site is my small, non-professional contribution to address this gap.

This site aims at the following objectives:

  • To create awareness, educate, and to provide basic information about ED.
  • To concentrate efforts, information and observations from as many people with ED as interested to participate.  The cause and treatment for ED are not yet discovered. I think that they may reside in a combination of factors that cannot be identified on singular or independent cases.  Hence the proposal to focus together the information and experiences we have.
  • To create a resource comprising the latest ED-related work and research.  As a patient, not a health professional, I hope that in this way I can contribute a little to paving a path for health professionals who are dedicated to studying and healing ED.

14 thoughts on “Eales Disease”

  1. I have a written a recent review on this disease in the journal ophthalmic inflammation and infection. I can send you the article

    1. Hello Dr. Biswas, I am curious to read your review on Eales in the journal of ophthalmic inflammation and infection, however cannot find the link. There does not appear to be very much information on it on the internet that I can find and after much testing, this was diagnosis mentioned. Is there a means to post it here or email to me? I would greatly appreciate any links and information you could point me to so that I can better inform myself of this! Thank you! ak_she_lo@yahoo.com

    2. Dear Dr. Biswas, thank you for your contribution! The article is now published in the Resources section of the website.

  2. I have Eales Disease. I was diagnosed when I was 39 and I had extensive Laser Surgery in both eyes. It helped greatly. I will always have it. I am being monitored and now my daughter who is 33 was just diagnosed with it. Her specialist says it is an autoimmune disease. I was never told this. I also never knew that it could be hereditary. I would like feedback.Please

  3. Please have a educational series that can remove fear and trauma because of sudden occurances of bad incidents due to eales disese.
    I am suffering it from last 6 years in left eye. Doctor Saved my Right eye. But again fear is there. So many occurance of bleeding incidences are cusing mental pressure & nervousness. I suffering a lot again in family, job. I could not enjoy the life or can take a long vacation because I need to save my vacations for surgeries and post surgeries rest.
    Please have confidance building positive outlook series for it. That can give positive hopes for life.

    1. Hello

      My name is fred and I have this Eals disease in my right eye and after 7 operations to try to remove the fiber that keeps growing and covering my eye after a few months it regrows. Nothing seems to work also had tons of lazer done. The worst part is my eye pressure increases even with predforte drops and does not slow down the regrowth of the fiber. If there is a better procedure please let me know.

      Fred santos

  4. I suffered with eales disease in my both eyes during 1981 and was treated with photocoagulation and alright till 2008. During 2008 eales recurred and underwent sectoral laser twice and under prednesol sterods for the last 6 years. Due to prolonged use of steroids got diabetis. Now my right eye became weak. Pl advice.

  5. Hi, I was diagnosed with Eales in 1996 and lost vision in my left eye. My right eye is also affected and I have received laser treatment but to this day, maintain 20/20 vision in that eye. In 2001 I experienced two bleeds in my right eye and received more laser.

    Many years went by without any symptoms but in 2014 I had two major bleeds that impaired my vision for a long time.

    I have to say though, I had started a heavy lifting weights program 3 months before the two major bleeds. I wasn’t willing to undergo a vitrectomy and decided to wait and decided to see a naturopath.

    The naturopath gave me high dose of vitamin C and a herbal mixture and over the course of a few months my bleed cleared. Numerous doctors appointments showing no new blood vessels and eye health stable.

    I started another weights program 3 months ago and two weeks ago had another bleed but this time very minor and with some remedies that my naturopath gave me, the blood cleared in less than a week.

    I believe there is a link with heavy lifting and the vessels bleeding.

    Overall the last two years, my Eales is going well. The doctor keeps on saying I might need a vitrectomy or more laser but since practicing my natural therapies, we have not needed anymore laser and no new blood vessels have formed.

    I take 2000 mg of vitamin C with Rutin each day. Plus I take a chinese herb medicine for the retina called Ming Mu Di Huang wan. I eat very healthy, lots of green vegetables and carrots and almonds each day. The doctor cannot believe how well I have been maintaining my eye health and have 20/20 vision in my right eye.

    When I notice floaters or specks, I wash my eye out with 15 drops of pure lemon juice wixed with 60ml of sterile water. it helps clear the blood quickly from the eye.

    I hope it stays this way.

    Best of luck to everyone.

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