A year ago I was diagnosed with Eales syndrome (destruction of blood vessels in the eye). I was hospitalized and I was given treatment with Prednison, Edtamin – intravenous vitamin C. I made five laser photocoagulation, but each time vitriene and retinal hemorrhages relapsed. Doctors do not give me too many explanations about my illness. At every exit from the hospital  they wrote “improved” on the medical letter, but each time the hemorrhage repeated. I’m tired of beating the way to hospital. Thank you.

[Original Text in Romanian Language, from “Formula AS” magazine Nr. 838/2008]

“Cum se poate vindeca definitiv sindromul Eales?”

In urma cu un an am fost diagnosticat cu sindromul Eales (distrugerea vaselor de sange la ochi). Am fost internat si mi s-a administrat tratament cu Prednison, Edtamin – intravenos, Vitamina C. Am facut de cinci ori fotocoagulare cu laser, dar de fiecare data hemoragiile retiniene si vitriene au recidivat. Medicii nu-mi dau prea multe explicatii despre boala mea. La fiecare externare imi scriu “ameliorat” pe scrisoarea medicala, dar de fiecare data hemoragia se repeta. M-am saturat sa tot bat drumul la spital. Va multumesc.

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