I was diagnosed with peripheral proliferative retinopathy when I was 39.

I don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure and I was tested from head to toe. My only test that came back high was a sedimentation rate test.

I had 7 laser surgeries in my left eye and 5 in my right eye. I had hemorrhaging in both eyes. After all of my testing I was told that I had Eales disease.

I have been to four doctors. One at Northwestern University-Dr. Lee Jampol and he recommended Dr. David Orth. I went to Dr. Orth for 20 yrs and now I go to an associate, Dr. Kirk Packo.

I have a partially detached retina from scar tissue pulling on the retina and they are watching it. Dr. Orth no longer operates and that is why I go to Dr. Packo.

I want to go as long as I can without the surgery.
Marilyn Quinn

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