I want to now if there are people in the Netherland (Holland) who has the same illness.
Mine Mother had the illness also, and for 14 years ago i have lost my left eye and the right is preopperative, the english is to bad to understand evryting good bye Gerda

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  1. Hallo Gerda,

    Ook ik heb de ziekte van Eales, sinds 1983 onder behandeling bij verschillende artsen in diverse ziekenhuizen. Als ik je ergens mee kan helpen moet je me maar een mailtje sturen naar
    Groeten, Frits

  2. i am suffering form eales disease sine 15 years. i used steroid medicine about 8 years with result i had undergone catact and vitrectomy surgeries. but my eye not improved. presently the position of my eyes not visible condition is 25% visible and it also affecting the other eye. i request i may kindly be suggested complete treatment and referance specialized hospitals in india.

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