In 1983, 31 years old, I was diagnosed Eales disease after some floaters appeared in my left eye. I had several (xenon)laser photocoagulation first in my left eye and later also in my right eye. in the folowing years I had more laser photocoagulation and also cryocoagulation. In both eyes I had a vitrectomiy and in both eyes a lens exchange, in my left eye twice (claw lens).
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  1. Hi Frits,

    Being born in 1952 we should be at similar age. I was diagnozed with glaukcoma back in 1998. Few years later it was clear that the more critical problem in my eyes is related to the retina. Eales Desease was finally the diagnosis in 2004. Along the years I lost most of the vision field in both eyes, and struggling to regain wheat left. Main treatment is steroids, with laser whenever required to stop leaks. How are you doing nowadays?



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